Food & Beverage

Dannon YogurtCustomer: Dannon Yogurt
Location: West Jordan, Utah
Year Completed: 1996
Scope: This brand new yogurt production facility was built in West Jordan, Utah, to expand Dannon’s production capability in the Western United States. LA Roser installed the main refrigeration engine room, as well as the evaporator units and glycol piping. Since most of this system is either water or glycol cooled, the ammonia was kept within the limits of the engine room, and away from the final product.


Gossner Foods, Inc.Customer: Gossner Foods, Inc.
Location: Logan, Utah
Year Completed: 2007
Scope: Gossner Foods is one of the most well-known dairies in Northern Utah, with their signature ‘squeaky cheese’. To expand their production, LA Roser provided a new glycol chiller package, utilizing the existing ammonia refrigeration system.
In 2011, Gossner Foods again expanded their capabilities by adding additional warehouse storage directly at their facility. LA Roser provided the equipment, piping, and installation to create a high-quality system to keep the cheese at the proper temperatures.


Lofthouse Cookies / RALCORP HoldingsCustomer: Lofthouse Cookies / RALCORP Holdings
Location: Ogden, Utah
 Year Completed: 2006/2010
Scope: When Lofthouse Cookies moved into their facility in Ogden, Utah, they needed a holding freezer for all of their products. The Louis A. Roser Company installed a new engine room and penthouse freezer units, using the most current technologies available.
In 2010, Lofthouse added a spiral freezer for a frozen waffle line. This project included designing and installing a new recirculator, a water chiller package, and a new compressor package.


Summit Ice / E-Street Cold StorageCustomer: Summit Ice / E-Street Cold Storage
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Year Completed: 2008
Scope: Summit Ice has been a growing supplier of bagged ice throughout Utah. In 2008, they partnered with E-Street Cold Storage and added on to an existing cold storage system. The ice makers used ammonia to build ice, and a new Freon rack system was installed to dry and store the ice until packaging. 


Nestle USACustomer: Nestle USA (Stouffer's)
Location: Springville, Utah
Year Completed: 2012
Scope: To keep up with an aging system, an existing evaporative condenser was replaced with a brand new unit. The new unit was installed in the same location, and designed to handle exactly what the customer wanted, with a new high quality product. 


Gas & Industrial

ATK / ThiokolCustomer: ATK/Thiokol
Location: Magna, Utah
Year Completed: 2008 / 2009 / 2011
Scope: ATK is a major name in space and science, providing NASA with the solid-state rocket fuel for the space program. They use an ammonia refrigeration system to chill a brine solution, which is used in another part of their processing. In 2008 and 2009, LA Roser began upgrades to their system, including replacing the original upright compressors with the advanced screw compressors used now. In 2009 and 2011, ATK worked with LA Roser to upgrade the old, and very large, shell-and-tube heat exchangers to the new, efficient plate-and-frame chillers, which only take up a small fraction of the space for the same capacity. 


Linde GasCustomer: Linde Gas
Location: Lima, Ohio; Price, Utah; Grand Junction, Colorado
Year Completed: 2012 / On-going
Scope: Linde Gas has utilized LA Roser for many aspects of their system, including service work and controls upgrades. In 2012, the facility in Lima, Ohio upgraded the compressor controls from a manual, analog system to a more current, user-friendly digital control system. This greatly enhanced the compressors, allowing them to all communicate together, and ensure the system is not over-working. 


Geneva NitrogenCustomer: Geneva Nitrogen
Location: Orem, Utah
Year Completed: 2011
Scope: Geneva Nitrogen is a unique facility, in that it uses ammonia refrigeration systems to chill ammonia. They can store millions of pounds of ammonia at any given time. In 2011, LA Roser provided a new shell-and-tube heat exchanger to chill a small part of their process. This particular chiller presented a challenge, in that the heat exchanger had to replace an existing one, and still remain on the skid package originally installed. 


Ice Rinks/Recreational

Energy Solutions ArenaCustomer: Energy Solutions Arena
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Year Completed: 1986
Scope: When the Utah Jazz needed a new arena, the Delta Center was built. This was a multi-use arena, which included an ice rink, installed by LA Roser. The floor uses steel pipe to build the ice (instead of the normal polyethylene tubing in other rinks), and uses a centralized ammonia chiller system to cool both the calcium-chloride to build ice, as well as glycol for the building air-conditioning in the summer. This rink has been used extensively, including the Utah Grizzlies hockey team, Disney-on-Ice shows, and it was used as the Speed Skating Short Track and Figure Skating rink in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.


Utah Olympic ParksCustomer: Utah Olympic Parks (Bobsled / Luge Run)
Location: Park City, Utah
Year Completed: 1998
Scope: When the new Olympic Parks were built in preparation for the 2002 games, LA Roser provided oversight and consultation during construction of the bobsled/luge run. This run is chilled directly with ammonia along its entire length. Currently, LA Roser provides constant technical service during start-up and shut-down of the track.


Utah Olympic OvalCustomer: Utah Olympic Oval
Location: West Valley City, Utah
Year Completed: 2000
Scope: Known as the fastest track in the world, LA Roser assisted with installation and continued service to this world-class ice rink. 


Cold Storage

Sysco IntermountainCustomer: Sysco Intermountain
Location: West Jordan, Utah
Year Completed: 2008
Scope: Sysco Intermountain provides food services throughout the country. When their facility in Utah was expanded, LA Roser provided the design and installation for the new holding rooms, and adding more capacity to the refrigeration system. This included new compressors, evaporators and underfloor heating for the new freezer. 


Nicholas FoodsCustomer: Nicholas Foods
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Year Completed: 1999 (Original Install) / 2006 & 2008 (Expansions)
Scope: Nicholas Foods is a major name in food distribution, and LA Roser has worked closely with them from the start. We built an engine room, prepared to expand, and that space has not gone to waste. The building has been expanded twice since the first build, with refrigeration covering almost half of the total facility.